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Spoken Reasons: Majority of Beyonce’s Fans Are Gay [Vlad TV Interview]

Comedian Spoken Reasons shares his thoughts on Macklemore’s “Same Love” being the first widely accepted pro-gay song in hip hop, saying “we already knew that was going to blow up.” He furthered his statement by saying that the majority of Beyonce’s fan base is gay men, so if you take that away from her, he wonders how big would she be.

The conversation then turns to gay athletes, including Michael Sam, college standout and NFL prospect. He speaks about Sam’s twin brother wearing a shirt reading, “I’m the Straight One,” which he said was looked at in a comical way. Spoken Reasons believes that a straight man standing next to his friend or next to a stranger may have not had the same reaction.

When it comes down to it, Spoken Reasons explains that he doesn’t believe in being gay, but he does believe in respect. He ends his statement by quoting T.I.’s “Asap,” which says, “I don’t know what ya do for your respect, but I’ma die for mine.”

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