Russian Twerk Team Choreography
February 13, 2014
Get Rid of Valentine’s Day – @JeremeFord
February 14, 2014

Man tells wife why he loves her with post-it notes #100DaysOfValentines

Honestly ladies.. don’t get all held up on Valentine’s Day. What it means is, don’t judge the worth of a man based on just the only single day of the year. When you have a good man by your side, everyday is Valentine’s Day. Just watch the video above, if you are a truly beautiful woman on the inside, you will realize that valentine’s day is just a day. If your not beautiful inside, join the long line of selfish women who want to be treated like a queen on Valentine’s Day, when truth of the matter is… Those ladies have been treated like a queen since the beginning of the relationship and it takes a holiday “Feb 14th” to make them realize it.

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