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June 11, 2013
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June 12, 2013

Exposed Man in Subway Alternates Between Fighting People & Doing Gymnastics

In May 2013, video was captured of a man in a San Francisco subway station who had stripped down naked and began to act strangely. The man would go from doing acrobatics and tricks on top of the ticketing machines, to suddenly following and attacking passengers that so happened to walk by. The video that was taken by one of the station employees shows the man attacking a young woman and an elderly man. In between both attacks, you can see him doing flips, and even lying on the floor and going into convulsions. Many people just tried to avoid the man and continue going about their day; you even see one person walking past the man and kick him while he was lying on the ground. According to witnesses, the scene began above ground where the man started stripping and jumping on top of cars. When police finally arrived, it took a team of them to take the man down.

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