Old Folks Reaction to Twerking
July 14, 2013
Wale feat. Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco – Poor Decisions
July 15, 2013

Dog Eating Peanut Butter Like A Man

Even if it’s wrong, dog eating peanut butter like a man is so right
The idea of the dog in a suit, the hands, the peanut better and the hysterical laughter of one of the participants suggest we’ve stumbled across another episode of “Stoned Again Theater.” But it’s possibly the best episode. Whatever indignity there was for our German shepherd friend to be dressed up in a coat and tie like a common human, there was no beating his compensation: access to an open jar of Jif. And there’s no beating the reaction of the man behind the camera as he watches the dog get after it, with table manners that are probably no worse than those of some of your friends. But in the end, there’s one overriding message: He’s soooooo funny!

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